This was always the vision

It all started with an idea of could we make motorcycle clothing that doesn’t make you look like a motorcycle rider? What if you could ride in your normal clothes and still wear protection? What if you only had to take off gloves and helmet and could still look the way YOU always wanted to look?

Well…we listened to what you said and now the vision has become a reality! After many conversations, samples, tests, and trials, we believe we have created a product that will set a new benchmark in the industry.

Imagine all the different outfits you can now wear while you ride to the café, the pub, the music concert, the football, the tennis, the comedy show, the first date, the office, the job interview and the possibilities are endless because we go with your lifestyle and offer you protection now.

You get to decide what kind of rider you want to be.

We designed this for you.

Designed to protect you and make you look good

Our design is based on ensuring as much comfort and protection. Nylon and polyester are both lightweight and durable synthetic fabrics that share many of the same properties, such as easy care, stretch resistance and shrink resistance.

Nylon is softer than polyester but also stronger, while polyester is faster drying and abrasion resistant.

The second outer layer is a much stronger Kevlar blend for even more abrasion resistance. The Kevlar material is in the areas that are regarded as high impact zones with the armour secured tightly beneath this strong layer of stretch Kevlar in both the hip and knee areas.

CE level 2 Armour that is only 7mm thick.

When we began to design our garments, we discovered that the current armour available on the market was too big or too bulky to really work with our designs.

Until we discovered this armour by Norsorex! But please don’t let the slim and super flexible design throw you, the Nano-dampening technology in this armour was exactly what we were looking for.

It’s certified level 2 protectors offer not only CE Norm 1621-1:2012 and 1621-2:2014, but also optimal comfort. It provides maximum protection and unlocks a whole new freedom of movement.

The Meaning of ‘Leon’

The story behind how our men’s product was given the name Leon was smoother than deciding on the brand name. If you read Nemean’s Story, then you are aware of the Nemean lion’s connection to Greek mythology and why we feel it symbolises the motorcycle rider.

Well it was said that the lion’s name was “Leo” and the star constellation is a reminder for us to honor the bravery between the Nemean lion and Hercules.

We took the name Leo and added the ‘n’ from Nemean to create Leon. It serves as a manifestation for our male riders to always walk and ride with bravery, honor, and respect.

“Really comfortable, it fit well under my regular jeans! I love how I can wear any of my pants over it without being restricted to one style”





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